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Our area of expertise is the establishement of automation and digital consulting solutions within the structures of our clients. Business process management system, archive solutions, robotic process automation, business rule management system, process mining, video-solutions combined with agile approaches and design-methods are some of the tools we use in order to push our clients forward, to help them and make them succeed better. To improve their organisation and their processes. In other words to make them fitter.

Senior Automation Consultant​

What you can expect:

  • bereits mehrjährige Erfahrungen im Umfeld von Automatisierungs- und Digitalisierungslösungen hast
  • mit Freude an die Konzeption und Umsetzung von innovativen Lösungen gehst
  • gut zuhören kannst
  • rasch auf den Punkt kommst
  • mit Aufwind fliegen möchtest

you fit in when:

  • you already have several years of working experience in the field of automating and digital solutions
  • you love to work on new conceptions and implementations for innovative solutions
  • you are a good listener
  • you bring things to the point
  • you want to fly “mit Aufwind”

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then please use the form below or send your application via email to either markus.kreher@mit-aufwind.ch or joachim.torda@mit-aufwind.ch