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We establish ties

digital consulting experiences

Digital customer consulting thought right through

Phone, audio, video, digital documents, digital signatures combined to one unit and integrated into your systemical enviroment and your processes. Customer consulting becomes effective/has an impact when it’s personal, helpful, correct and however still remains simple/easy.

Element 20@1.5x

Customer journey as the basis for your solution plan/draft

While defining your plan we focus on your present and future customer journey . Which touchpoints shall be or can be amended and completed by using digital consulting tools? Which have the greatest potentials? In order to answer these questions we are looking for the right methods to find adequate solutions.

Element 19@1.5x

Your first digital consulting experience

The assumptions held and the first drafts of revised touchpoints will be verfied within a few days with a MVP. Thanks to our standardized methods we must not integrate/involve into your systems.

Element 25@1.5x

Iterative processes/approaches lead to more experiences

One touchpoint after the other is being implemented into your digital consulting solution and hence integrated into your procesess and your systemical enviroment. Continious feedback and improvement of your digital consulting solution lead to a longlasting success.

Time is ready for digital consulting

Create new customer experiences and replenish/amend your consulting and distribution channels with flexible and digital consulting solutions.