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There’s nothing better than a well orchestrated process

automation projects

Your intention to automate - individually designed and successfully implemented

it doesn’t matter if it’s your digital inbox, your RPA, your decision automation, your BPM systems or a completely new launched automation plattform – we combine technology, organisation and processes in a unique way. We make sure that your automation won’t remain a project but will become a mindset. We feel responsible within your enterprise/development plan.

Automation Consultant

we provide well-directed expertise for specific technologies and challenges. Our consultants are makers and enablers within your automation plans. They implement and assist where help is needed.

Product Owner

The construction and the design of automation-solutions are the pursuits of our product owners. Modern methods such as design thinking, lean startups or agile approaches are our means to an end : the construction of a successful longterm automation-solution.

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Scrum Master

Our automation-project conductors lead your project to a successful result. They are experts in agile procedures, project management and organisational development. Functional organisatons and hierarchies are no obstacles but challenges, they are used to cope with.

The road to your success, along with our experts.

Their know-how and their experience are the tools to your successful implementation.