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Why it’s worth to work with us

we specialize in the creation of automation and digital consulting solutions.

technologies and methods are just means to an end:

to make your organisation and your processes easier and fitter.

Independence, frankness, experience and the access to an ecosystem of producers and providers guarantee the best possible solutions. Flexible and from one source.

working with upwind, means working easier.

Your contact persons

Markus Kreher von Mit Aufwind

Markus Kreher

stands out through

Graduated in informatic-engineering, as scrum-master and product owner he focusses on leadership as well as technical design of digital and automation projects. His wide experience of technical applications for the support of new processes enables him to upgrade your business and become and stay fit within the rapidly changing digital environment.

Such projects are often linked to certain insecurities when it comes to technical and organisational changes. That’s why Markus consequently believes in the application of agile methods and lean-startup conventions/principles in order to achieve results fast and gain significant findings fort he steps to follow.

Joachim Torda American Shot

Joachim Torda

stands out through freedom of decision

He graduated with an executive MBA at the University of St.Gallen and a bachelor in economics, together with his expertise in project-management as well as years of consulting experience he has a wide range of different tools at hand in order to achieve effective solutions even in difficult and complex cases.

Very often our clients lack time and capacity to familiarize, to structure, to plan and to implement a complex topic. Joachim’s broad and methodological knowledge will flexibly provide rapid solutions, which answer your major questions and will pinpoint priorities and the variety of different implementations.

Kevin Gugger

convinces with competence and methodology

Kevin holds a degree in Economics and has worked for several years in the financial services industry and a top international consulting firm. He has acquired not only a broad business knowledge, but also an extensive technical know-how that allows him to lead and translate work between interdisciplinary teams.

A project is rarely purely business- or technology-driven; in most cases, it is a mix. Therefore, the objectives and the requirements must be understood and accepted by both sides.  Kevin’s broad skills and methodological knowledge enable him to bridge this gap to achieve the desired result.

Gregor Reich, PhD

generates insights
from data

Gregor Reich obtained a PhD in economics from the University of Zurich and went for a Postdoc at Stanford afterwards. He was an Associate Professor (with tenure) at the NHH Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, where he contributed to the marketing group through research and teaching in quantitive topics. Now he advises companies in questions related to statistics, artificial intelligence and optimization.

As part of our automation projects, Gregor provides us with consulting support. This ensures that the latest scientific findings, concepts and methods for data-driven processes and decisions are incorporated into our projects.

working with upwind, means working easier.

The more complex a topic, the more difficult it is to get started. We will help you to see clear in the jungle of possibilities. Therefore we offer you a nonbinding initial interview, in order to understand your needs and to smoothen the way for your future, together with «mit Aufwind».

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