mit Aufwind - unser Firmenlogo auf das wir stolz sind

Why is your company called «mit Aufwind» – up wind – ascent – updraught?

some people say, that our company’s name is special, particular or even extraordinary! And they always ask what made us choose this specific name. Here’s the answer:

What does «mit Aufwind» imply?

have you ever seen an eagly, a falk or even a stork fly with upwind? Did it ever strike you how effortlessly they rise into the sky, not a single flap, just spreading their wings, reaching higher and higher, getting a wider and better view on the landscape below? One might even suggest, that they even enjoy that!

And this is exactely what we mean to express with our company’s name: we aim to have the complete overview on difficult and complex challenges, we want to get lifted over obstacles with up wind, we want to reach and effortlessnes in your organisation and in your processes.

How did you come up with this idea?

In fact we were really busy mind-mapping, gathering ideas, collecting words – numbers – methods – technologies and so on … putting all these ideas on little notes and then spreading them all over our desk. Sorting and resorting these puzzles… we reached an agreement that we would not use any kind of artificial terms, nor would we want to use terms as “consulting”, “technology” or “method”. Our company’s name should rather express a spirit and of course we also needed a spare domain…

At the end we sat at our desk with two final options “tailwind” and “upwind”. I’m a cyclist, and therefore of course I was very much into “tailwind”. A power that pushes you on, that enables you to make good progress. However “tailwind” – Rückenwind in german, is on the one hand a pretty long word and it contains an umlaut, which is something you definitively want to avoid in a URL.

Hence the decision was simple and clear: “upwind” – “Aufwind” was the winner. We liked what “upwind” or “Aufwind” implies. In order to solve the domain issue, cause Aufwind was already taken, we added “with” or “mit” to upwind/Aufwind and realised how easy going it sounded, i.e. “we guide your RPA project with upwind to success”.

That’s it 😊

How was the Logo designed?

with the support of Ronny Lange from Smartpulse we started gathering ideas. At first we tried cryptic forms, arrows, circles etc., but nothing really convinced us and it felt like it had nothing to do with the meaning of our company’s name. So Ronny came up with the idea of symbolizing the upwind by using the waveform, to imply the thermal. We liked what we saw and the next question was which colors we sould use? Did you know that different colors induce different psychological perceptions? Trustful blue, was the color we settled on. For those who are interested, here’s the range of colors we discussed – which one would you have chosen?

Trustful blue:
basic emotions: trust, responsibility, honesty
value proposition: to provide confidence, to raise awareness, to stimulate efficiency, to aim for accurancy

Soft brown:
basic emotions: reliability and stability
value proposition: to stabilize, to include common sense

Soft green:
basic emotions: safety, stability, equilibrium
value proposition: to facilitate, to renew, to increase

Well then: happy processing!

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